I take appointments daily, and my hours are flexible enough to work with any busy schedule. Sessions are usually half an hour or an hour. Though I am based in Louisville, I work with animals and their humans around the world. Animal communication is telepathic, so location isn't important. 

Animal communication is a way to find out exactly what an animal, any species, is thinking and feeling. The animal projects images, feelings, and words, and my brain is able to interpret this and respond to the animal in kind.  This has multiple applications, including letting the animal know about familial changes (break-ups, new additions, moving), helping with behavior issues such as cats urinating outside of the box, identifying/understanding medical issues (working with a vet), getting history from a rescue, finding out how/why an animal passed over, and finding closure from a passed animal’s departure. Animal communication is a way to deepen the relationship between animal and human.


Animal Communication with Fredricka Chambers

Animals Answer

Beyond speaking there is true communication. Find out what the animals in your life have to say.

"Fredricka has a real talent in communication. I have personally witnessed this with others and my own dog. Not only does she have a skill with the animal she communicates with, but also in relaying that information to the pet owner without judgement or bias. I have not had the opportunity to attend one of her workshops to help develop my own skills, but I know her generous and calm nature would be the ideal environment to learn." CZ, DV M, Louisville, KY

"Fredricka executes all her work with integrity, compassion, and without judgement. She truly has a gift for healing, and for communicating with animals - you have to experience it to believe it! I'd recommend her to anyone in need of help with their animal, or who wants to learn how to communicate with/understand their animal better." -EA, Berkley, CA 

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  • Local, in person using photographs
  • Distance via email and phone
  • Flexible for busy schedules