Animal Communication and Energy Work

with Fredricka Chambers

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  • Local, in person using photographs
  • Distance via email and phone
  • Flexible for busy schedules

Specials and Energy Work

Scheduled Sessions

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"Before you spoke to Sara we knew she seemed depressed and sad. We figured it was because she had lost her buddy, Kiowa during the winter. We also feared she didn’t understand that there was nothing that could be done to save her; Sara might have thought we would get rid of her as well. Yes, she misses Kiowa (English Mastiff) but said she understood and didn’t know why we thought she did not…she also missed having her pretty scarves. I had forgotten we used to put them on her. Since the session Sara is livelier, more playful. When I take her scarf off, I must hurry to get her clean one on or she will attempt to get into the previous scarf. We have our ‘old’ Sara back. Thank you, Fredricka " LJ, Indiana

Meet and Greet Parties

Curious about animal communication? Have friends who are curious about what I do? Why not host a Meet and Greet Party? I'll do a question and answer session about how I use animal communication and how it can be an invaluable component in your animals' care, and then I'll do 15 minute sessions with your guests' animals (they can bring photos so your home isn't a total disaster), living or passed. Of course, the host/hostess will receive a free animal communication session for hosting me. Contact me for details!

"I'm a skeptic!"

If you are skeptical about animal communication, GOOD! You should be! I'm a skeptic, too. I don't believe everything everyone tells me, especially when it's new to me or something I can't do myself. But, it's also important to keep an open mind and try new things. Just because you can't do something (or don't think you can) doesn't mean someone else can't do it. Skeptics turn into my best clients because once I work with their animals, they have absolutely no doubt that I am reaching their animals. It's evident by the information I provide about their personalities, preferences, and health, and from the immediate changes that occur after a communication session.

Animal Communication

People sometimes have difficulty understanding how I can get exactly the same information from an animal in a photograph as from an animal in person. Because animal communication is telepathic, it really doesn't make a difference. I love to be able to see the animal in person, but that's because I love animals not because it's necessary. Using photographs allows the animal to be comfortable and focused, which results in clear, specific communication.  I work by appointment only.

In Person

I am located in the Highlands of Louisville, KY. Appointments are  half hour, fourty-five minutes, or an hour long. Bring photographs of your animal, not the animal. I work with living or passed animals. If an animal is having behavior issues, a half hour or more is recommended to address the behavior. Otherwise, I can work with two animals during the session. If you have more than two animals, an hour session is recommended. 


I have clients around the United States and have worked with their animals from around the world, including Thailand, Cambodia, and Korea. Email a photo or photos of your animal(s), let me know the name, sex if not apparent by the name, approximate age if known, and anything you would like me to specifically cover during the communication. Please don't provide too many details or anything that you think is happening. That information will come out in the session with the animal. I will communicate with the animal(s) and we will speak about the communication over the phone. Questions and clarifications will be addressed. I follow-up with an email summarizing the communication. Guidelines for time are the same as in person communication. Living or passed animals.

Energy Work with Humans

Gentle but potent sessions in person which provide calm energy and greater clarity. I work with the energy and form a psychic connection which provides insight and balance. Clients remain clothed, other than shoes, and I don't touch the physical body. It's different from my communication with non-humans because  I don't probe for information-whatever needs to come up does in a safe, comfortable environment. Great for stress relief, physical and emotional pain, disease, and so much more.

Communication with Passed Humans

This can be incredibly cathartic for people grieving for their loved ones, or for those who simply wish to say something left unsaid, ask questions or find out how their loved ones are. It's a similar process to my animal communication, so I use photographs to ensure clear communication with those passed. It's emotional for clients, but it's a very effective way to find relief.