Animal Communication and Energy Work

with Fredricka Chambers

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An Act of Dog

A memorial to the millions of shelter  dogs put down in America

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thoommas M. Campbell II, MD

A must read for anyone who cares about their health and their loved ones' health

Best Nature Cosmetic

US: www.bestnatures.c


I found this shop on Etsy and now I purchase all my essential oils, carrier oils, and the like from this store. They also have pet shampoo and neem oil for natural, safe animal health-i especially appreciate the neem oil for my cats' ears and insect relief, since essential oils are so harmful for cats. Everything is cold-pressed and alive for potency and effectiveness-I have found the quality to be excellent, and the shop owner is wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable about her products. I have been ordering through Etsy and even though the shop is in Canada and I am in the US, the shipping is less than  places I've tried in the US and the delivery time averages about a week, sometime less. I can't say enough good things about this shop and the owner!

Harry's Razors]'

Marketed to men, but the best razor I've ever had so it's definitely not limited to men. All vegan-I make my own skin care products so I haven't tried theirs, but even the strips on the blades are vegsn. The company is also eco-friendly and human-friendly. All around great company with a great product!

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

I recently invested in safe cookware after searching for a long time and reading a lot of conflicting reviews. Ceramcor publishes their annual-international and US-safety test results on their corporate website and consistently excels when it comes to safety standards. I had no idea what a relief this was until I started using my pots, teapot, and wok. Love the design and the brick red tops (my color choice-there are others) and have had no problems with cleaning or the weight. Read and follow the directions and use lower heat than with other kinds of cookware. I can't say enough good things about this stuff!

Recommended Resources

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Research, programs, and education for those who want to live a healthier, happier life, along with campaigns to stop animal abuse

Kats by Kelly

Wonderfully creative, funny note cards, calendars, and gifts, beautiful quality, and so spot-on about cats without indulging in untrue, harmful stereotypes


I've simplified and continue to simplify my life , including possessions , home decor, and clothing, and when I purchase something I want my money to support a healthy, crueltly-free, compassionate, eco lifestyle, and people selling on Etsy are aligned with that. I've been delighted with the quality of my purchases and have found everything from the basics to the unique