Animal Communication and Energy Work

with Fredricka Chambers

Animals Answer



  • Local, in person using photographs
  • Distance via email and phone
  • Flexible for busy schedules

Why do I need an animal communicator?

Even people who feel they know their animals well always learn something new about their animals after a communication session. I've heard multiple times how the relationship between human and animal has deepened in ways unimagined before.  And there's always a solution to issues that may develop, from cats or dogs messing in inappropriate places to aggressive behavior to understanding illness or unexpected changes. Communication clarifies and helps address any situation.

How long should a session be?

That depends on the situation and the animal. For initial sessions, I ask at least 30 minutes, more if there are multiple animals-the more time I have with each animal, the more information I can receive and give. If you have a long list of questions or things you'd like explained, I'll need an hour. Horses are highly sensitive and emotional beings, so in my experience it's best to give each one at least half an hour. To change a behavior in any animal, such as urinating outside of the litter box or over-enthusiastic barking or biting, I'll need at least half an hour, but an hour is preferable. It's possible in these cases that another session will be required because these behaviors become habitual. Could you quit smoking or give up coffee or alcohol with one half hour session? (Sometimes one session does the trick. but I like to be transparent and tell people that it may take more time.)

No one else has been able to help this problem, what makes you think you can?

Because I'm not guessing. I'm communicating with the animal and the animal is communicating with me. I get clear, accurate, and factual information which can be used to address any issue. Watching an animal can provide some information, but it also involves a lot of guessing and inferring. If someone watched you during the day without asking why you were doing certain things, how much could be misinterpreted? Probably a lot. Your motivation for some of your actions might not be clear or might be interpreted in different ways by different people, for example those who know you and those who don't. But everything could be cleared up with a simple dialogue. That's what I do with animals.

Which is more effective, in person or distance communication?

The information I get is the same, so it really doesn't matter. If you're local, I sometimes recommend in person sessions with cats urinating outside of the box or with highly emotional situations, such as a passed animal companion, but that's just to offer support. Working with me by distance will not diminish the end results.

How can you possibly get as much information from a photograph as from a live animal?

I honestly don't know, but I do. I have no scientific explanation for what I do. There are a lot of suppositions as to how animal communication works, but the truth is that I can't explain it. But the information I get and transmit to an animal is accurate and real, and that has been proven repeatedly throughout my years of doing this. I have had a great deal of success, and that's more important than the actual science of it. It works.. I have proof from my clients' feedback.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, I do. I offer half hour and hour gift certificates. Make sure to email me the name of the person you're giving it to (I don't need their animal's information for the certificate) and the amount of time you're paying for-you can use the payment methods on the bottom of my Services page. The recipient can contact me and set up the appointment from there.

What are your hours of business?

I work by appointment, so when you contact me let me know if you need evenings, weekends, or daytime.

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