Animal Communication and Energy Work

with Fredricka Chambers

Animals Answer



  • Local, in person using photographs
  • Distance via email and phone
  • Flexible for busy schedules

"Fredricka, I want to let you know that once again you worked wonders. Buddy changed his whole way of reacting to us both as soon as you worked with him. He is gentle with us and playful. A total 180 from the way he had been. He loves to play ‘tug’ with a play rope and nips on our clothes to tease us into playing when he is bored. No biting or even teeth-showing when corrected. He is still too strong and willful on walks for this old lady to risk walking him, but D. does daily. You helped to save a mistreated pet from euthanasia as Buddy has won our hearts.  Thank you so much!" LJ, Tucson, AZ

And in response to an email I had sent in reply to the above because the session had been at a difficult time after having tried to explain what I do and how much I can help to a group unwilling to listen:

"Fredricka, please ignore the gremlins who want to discourage your wonderful work. You have helped B’s pets and ours to have a chance at real family love when others had given up on them. We had reached the point of saying that if you could not get through to Buddy, he would have to go back to the shelter. Although they are a no-kill facility, the animals considered dangerous and un-adoptable are sent to places that do…since we were the third ‘try’ for him, Buddy was out of chances. Instead he is a loyal, funny dog who manages to make two old ladies laugh and trot around the house chasing him with his tail wagging merrily. That, my friend, is not only a miracle, but proof that what you do is real and needed. That kind of change can only be a God-given ability, and we are so very grateful for your faithfulness.               A big bear hug, L"

My Process

I can communicate without photos or the animal, but I use photos more often. It's so easy for me to pick up information that I want to be sure I'm getting the animal's perspective and not going through the human's filters about the animal. I like photos where I can see the eyes and the body when possible. I don't need close-ups and it doesn't matter who or what else is in the photo. I look at the photo and I can feel what the animal is feeling physically and emotionally, and I can feel the animal's likes, dislikes, and personality traits. This happens before I start actually communicating with the animal, so it's not really communication. At this stage the animal can feel the love and profound respect I have for all animals, and we develop a basis of trust and openness, so when we communicate, which is a two-way exchange, the animal is relaxed and comfortable.

"I would just like to say that Fredricka Chambers rocks! I feel so much closer to my animals since she has communicated to them, and I didn't think I could feel any closer. If you doubt the process - just try it. You will never doubt again. Animals Answer, they really do." MS., Louisville, KY

Because animal communication has had such a profound affect on my relationship with my animals, I decided to help other people and their animal companions. Since then, I have communicated with a wide variety of species, including, sheep, dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs,  and rescued elephants in Thailand and Cambodia. 

Communication isn't simply about "talking" with other species, as some might suspect, it includes being able to accurately feel and see into other beings physical and psychological conditions, along with blending into their connection in the Universe. It's not a mysterious process, although it may sound weird to some, but it's something any being can naturally do on different levels with practice and guidance.

About Fredricka Chambers

I have communicated with animals all of my life, but I didn't recognize this skill until one of my cats was passing. I contacted an animal communicator to find out how I could help my beloved cat pass more easily, and the experience was so profound that I decided to investigate further. I took an animal communication  workshop, and it was after that when I realized through hindsight that I had been communicating with animals on a deep telepathic level since I could remember. I didn't know that others weren't receiving the information that I was!